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Well done - Brighton Marathon

Well done to all my clients that completed the Brighton Marathon. Everyone made it across the finishing line and all saying that they are going to do it all again next year.

So hopefully everyone is going to take it easy for a few days, gentle stretching but nothing more vigorous. Its fantastic if you can have a massage straight after a long run, but it’s also a good idea to have a massage booked for about 48 hours afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you all in training for the Brighton Marathon 2011.

Brighton Marathon 2010

Its been really busy since getting back from the States, everybody is giving great feedback from the MFR work that they have been getting.

Im seeing so many runners at the moment, everyone is gearing up for the Brighton marathon next month. So seeing a full range of injuries, shin splints, tight hamstrings and sore hips and feet. Ice is my friend at the moment, if you can get ice on to an injury quickly you can really speed up the amount of time something can take to heal. Dont worry if you dont have any ice in your fridge, a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in a tea towel can really help. If you have pulled something just get the ice on it as quickly as you can and it really will help with keeping the swelling down. Remember though its always best to see a proffesional if you injure yourself.
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